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How To Lower Down High Blood Pressure In A Safe Manner?

One in every three adults in the US is suffering from high blood pressure. It is a silent killer. You should have a normal blood pressure of 120/80 mm Hg. If the blood in your arteries is moving at a high pressure, it damages the delicate blood vessels. If the blood pressure reading is higher consistently at more than 140/90 mm Hg, you are suffering from high BP. Risks of highBP include family history, old age, women aged above 65 years and race. You need to make some lifestyle changes to lower down high blood pressure.

You should stop intake of unhealthy diet. You should avoid smoking and intake of alcohol. It is necessary to reduce intake of salt through daily diet. You need to ensure sound sleep. It is necessary to get relief from stress. You are advised to practice less strenuous exercises regularly. Healthy weight should also be maintained along with regular exercises as it limits your BP. You can engage in walking, climbing stairs, tennis or basketball, dancing, swimming, bicycling and jogging regularly to keep blood pressure under control and lead a healthy life. It is one of the best herbal remedies to lower down high blood pressure.

How To Lower Down High Blood Pressure

How to lower down high blood pressure is through regular intake of Stresx capsules, high blood pressure herbal treatment. These are manufactured using tested and proven herbs using an advanced herbal formula. These maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. These ensure blood flow to your heart at a healthy rate. Apart from helping to reduce high blood pressure, these herbal pills also relieve you from fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress and restlessness.

These boost your energy levels and promote well-being. These boost circulation and ensure correct functioning of your heart. These relieve you from nervous tension and eliminate plaque in the arteries. These also prevent heart attack by eliminating blood clotting. People suffering from poor heart functioning are advised intake of these hypertension herbal treatment pills.

Usage Instructions: You need to consume one Stresx capsule daily two times with plain water for 3 to 4 months.

What are the key ingredients in Stresx capsules?

The key ingredients are Champa, Vacha, Sudh shilajit, Shankpushpi, Kahu, Tuj, Elayachi choti, Jyotismati, Jadwar, Ashwagandha, Kesar, Moti Bhasam, Gul Chandni, Gajwan, Jadwar, Aam, Brahmi, Arjun and Safed Musli. All these herbs are blended in right combination to lower down high blood pressure.

You can buy these hypertension herbal treatment from reputed online store using a credit or debit card. These are available in the denomination of 240, 180, 120 and 300 capsules. You can avail free shipping to your doorstep and enjoy savings of up to US$15 on online purchase. The online stores offer high quality herbal remedies.

You need to consume foods high in minerals and low in sodium. Ginger is rich in proteins. Cinnamon is rich in fiber. These two foods detox your body and provide necessary iron for your body functioning. Ginger is also rich in zinc and potassium. You also need to include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. These safeguard you from heart attack, cancer and stroke. You can also include seafood, leafy greens, walnuts and flax seeds in your daily diet.


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