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How To Care For Your Feet In Diabetes?

Suffering from diabetes? Take a note of these diabetes foot care tips. If you are diabetic chances of having feet infections and sores are more, sensitivity of nerves can also be affected because of this. During regular check-ups your doctor will normally check your feet to make sure everything are fine and also advice some diabetes foot care tips.

If you experience any feet problems, go to your doctor immediately before trying anything on your own and making it difficult to cure.

Some Diabetes Foot Care Tips:

Diabetes Herbal TreatmentKeeping your feet clean and dry is the first and important tip. Your toenails should be short; you can do it yourself or visit a specialist on regular basis. Thorough and regular inspection of both feet is important; make sure the specialist looks between the toes. If any signs of skin eruption or dry skin are seen it should be treated immediately with fungal ointments and moisturizers. You can also try out diabetes herbal treatment.

Protection of foot:

Diabetes foot care tips also includes the point that you should never walk anywhere without proper foot protection. You should always wear footwear so that you don’t tread on stones or small particles that may cut your foot and cause bruises. If you don’t have comfortable shoes then buy one or wear socks. Your socks should be easy to wear and comfortable and make sure that there is no elastic on your socks.

When you buy new pair of shoes makes sure they don’t rub your feet and are comfortable to wear on your feet. Your toes should not feel tight or suffocated and shoes with pointed toes are not recommended. Certain areas of your feet may create pressure with high heels so avoid them. While buying shoes look for shoes with good laces and straps instead of slip-ons.

To get a better feel of the shoe, it is a good idea to wear the type of sock you normally wear. Have a good feel about inside the shoe with your hand to make sure there is no loose stitching or rough patches that could rub against your feet. If you have problems with the size or shape of your feet, it may be necessary to get shoes specially made.

Special Socks:

Special socks made for diabetics can be bought which will help against damage, bruises and sores. These socks will also improve your blood circulation. These socks don’t have any rough seams or elastics that can cause sores on your feet. These are made of pure cotton and some antibacterial materials.

Many foot lotions and creams are also available in the market that can be used on a regular basis. These lotions can help you to prevent rough skin and help with the procedure of renewal. Some lotions also contain antibacterial properties that help to prevent minor infections and also improve blood circulation. You can also try out herbal diabetes supplements.

Diabetes is one such disease which doesn’t have a permanent cure. But precautions can be taken to control it so that it doesn’t go beyond your reach. If it is not controlled then it is certainly a life threatening condition. To control this or control its severity there is an ayurvedic remedy called Diabgon capsules. Taking these pills on regular basis gives good results and diabetes becomes manageable.


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