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How To Control Brittle Diabetes Mellitus?

Brittle diabetes mellitus is nothing but a word that explains specifically difficult to control condition that is type-1 diabetes. So, how to control this brittle diabetes mellitus? People who have this type of diabetes will face more extreme variations in their blood glucose levels which might result in a condition called hypoglycemia. Let us understand the condition first.

Causes of Brittle diabetes and how it is linked?

 Control Brittle Diabetes MellitusThere are many possible causes:

Absorption problem of intestines is one of the important causes. Hormone malfunctioning, interactions of medicines, issues with insulin absorption are some of the major intestinal problems associated with the problem.

Extreme drop in blood sugar levels result in adrenal gland complications and thyroid.

This type of diabetes is also linked with psychological problems like depression and severe stress.

Like I said earlier before thinking how to control brittle diabetes mellitus let us try to understand its causes and its effects.

How different is brittle diabetes mellitus from normal diabetes?

Majority of people suffering from diabetes will experience some level of variation in their blood glucose levels. But people can still live a normal life if there are no extreme changes. When a person suffers from the problem, variations in blood sugar levels are more and they result in frequent visits to doctor and can also cause stress and other psychological issues.

Expectance of life with diabetes mellitus and type 1 or 2 diabetes is same so answer for how to control brittle diabetes mellitus is no different than other types of diabetes. Sometimes, it is also considered as poorly managed diabetes.

How common is brittle diabetes mellitus?

Brittle diabetes is not very common but very serious.

What is the treatment for brittle diabetes?

Identifying and understanding appropriate psychological problems is the only and the best diabetes herbal treatment for this medical condition. Blood tests can always tell you the blood sugar levels and these tests can be taken at home these days. Analyzing behavioral and psychological causes is the first step towards treatment of diabetes. This can take long time. Attempt to reduce stress and therapy for psychological problems are the best measures.

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