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Best Herbal Treatment For External Hemorrhoids, Bleeding Piles

Hemorrhoids are nothing but the swollen veins inside and surrounding the anal region. This health problem can affect the people of all age groups but it is most commonly seen in older people. Causes of hemorrhoids are chronic spraining during bowel movement, deficiency of fiber, constipation and sitting on the toiler for long time. Tumor in pelvis and pregnancy are also the cause of hemorrhoids sometimes. Herbal treatment for external hemorrhoids is the ideal remedy in this regard.

Bleeding Piles Natural Remedy

There are two types of hemorrhoids external and internal. Internal hemorrhoids are found inside and external hemorrhoids occur on the outer layer. Both of these hemorrhoids result in loss of blood after passing stools, discomfort feeling, severe irritation and pain. External hemorrhoids are seen on the anal edge. They are also very painful, irritating, and itchy and there is also inflammation. Normally the signs of external hemorrhoids are very common because of irritation on skin. Internal hemorrhoid appears in the rectum. Since they are not as painful many people are unaware of them, but internal hemorrhoids may cause blood loss.

Minor hemorrhoids normally go away without any treatment but in some serious situations people look for herbal treatment for hemorrhoids to cure the problem without pain and quickly. Pilesgon capsule is the best natural treatment for bleeding piles. This is a pure herbal product and beneficial in treating hemorrhoids successfully. By using Pilesgon capsules you can get quick relief from your hemorrhoid pain and other issues associated with it. Along with these herbal supplements you should also try other things like wearing loose clothing and undergarments. You should make sure that you use soft toilet tissue and avoid wiping roughly. You should always wash the affected area gently and apply some petroleum jelly to sooth the skin. Sitting in warm water can also bring you great relief from the pain. You should eat fiber rich foods in order to avoid constipation and drink plenty of water as well.

Pilesgon capsules are made for getting quick relief from the hemorrhoid problems. This product is completely herbal and so there are no side effects of using it for long time. These herbal supplements prevent the signs of hemorrhoids like itching, bleeding and sensation of burning during sitting or walking. This internal hemorrhoids natural treatment is perfect for the person of any gender and age.

Important ingredients used in making Pilesgon capsules are khun shosha, kalijiri, indrajau, kttha, rasaunt, ayapana, nagkesar, ritha, shudh takan, haritaki and hemsagar. It is highly recommended to take Pilesgon capsules for at least three to four months for getting better results.

Consumption of liquids can help you in treating constipation and hemorrhoids since they help in easy bowel movements. Cereals, vegetables and fruits should be consumed on regular basis since they have a high amount of fibers in them. A diet enriched with fiber is helpful in treating hemorrhoid problem due to constipation.


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