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Herbal Remedies For Thyroid Problems, Improve Thyroid Function

Even though the thyroid gland is small, it is mighty in the human body because it controls a wide range of functions. In some people, it can become underactive or overactive. For instance, it can produce lesser thyroid hormone or over thyroid hormones in some patients at times. Both these conditions can cause many problems in the human body. For instance, individuals with underactive thyroid might gain weight, can face mental fogginess and they might experience huge tiredness in the body. On the other hand, those with an overactive thyroid function can experience excessive weight loss, insomnia, and rapid heart rate. Both these conditions should be properly addressed and herbal remedies for thyroid problems can help in this regard. Otherwise, they can lead to significant impact on the life of an individual.

Improve Thyroid Function Not just thyroid hormone, the thyroid gland produces other hormones essential for proper functioning of the human body like the calcitonin and tri-iodothyronine. So, its improper functioning can lead to ill-effects on these hormones too. There are natural remedies to improve thyroid function to address all the problems associated with this gland.

Functions: The thyroid gland and the hormones associated with it do the following functions on the human body:

1. Helps in regulating love life and also menstrual cycle in women

2. Takes care of mental health

3. Regulates growth during childhood

4. Converts beta carotene into vitamin A

5. Repair bones

6. Improve metabolism and helps the body to turn the foods consumed into energy

7. Regulates cardiac and muscle activities

8. Responsible for cellular protein synthesis

9. Responsible for electrolyte transportation.

To make sure that these functions happen in the proper manner, individuals with a problem in thyroid functioning are recommended to rely on herbal remedies for thyroid problems.

Thyronil capsules: As mentioned earlier, natural remedies to improve thyroid function will be safe ad this is what Thyronil capsules are all about. The ingredients given below make these natural thyroid supplements effective in addressing any problems associated with thyroid hormone:

1. Kachnar is known to regulate the excess pitta and kapha in the body and it can address all types of thyroid problems and other glandular enlargements.

2. Guggul is known for its effectiveness in regulating thyroid functions and it is known to be particularly helpful in improving hypothyroidism. It can convert T4 thyroid hormone into active T3 form, which in turn will help with metabolism and fat burning.

3. Varuna is also added as an ingredient in herbal remedies for thyroid problems as it is found to be effective in addressing the extra growth of thyroid and hypertrophy of prostate.

4. Buch is known to be effective when it comes to treatment for hypothyroidism.

5. For addressing different types of thyroid related issues and symptoms, unab is an herb that is used for centuries by herbalists to improve thyroid function.

The other ingredients added to these natural remedies to improve thyroid function are behman surkh, patharchur, gurmar, bala, sonth, mulethi, baheda, haritaki, rakta chandan and ashwagandha.


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