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Finding The Best Weight Loss Supplement Reviews For Women

Fluids retention, endocrine imbalance and poor metabolism are main causes for weight gain in women. Taking certain pills, stress and irregular eating habits can raise the risk, while, endocrine dominance, particularly, estrogen contributes to cell division and growth leading to fat tissue formation. This can happen due to normal aging process when the body fails to produce progesterone in desired volume or fail to eliminate excess fat causing excess fat depositions in various body locations. The excess exposure to pesticides, herbicides, beef products raised on chemicals, preservatives and plastics can also increase estrogen exposure.

Weight Loss SupplementA number of women have irregular eating habits leading to calorie overconsumption and at the same time, if they suffer from poor liver functions, it can lead to fat depositions. One of the major causes for weight gain is magnesium deficiency, the mineral required for metabolism of estrogens in liver. Best weight loss supplement for women are offered by herbs that can enhance fat oxidation, mood and increase water elimination for anti obesity effects.

There are a number of studies rather stories on fat retention in human body, while no single cure provides easy method to prevent it and most of the anti-obesity medicines have strong long term side effects. Ayurveda links weight gain to poor metabolism and there are certain natural weight loss supplement reviews by users which state it can help to improve metabolism to prevent excess fat depositions in body. The cures offered by natural methods provide ways to regulate estrogens and many herbs have power to reduce appetite and cure mood disorders to prevent lifestyle factors such as stress and sleeplessness from interfering with metabolic functions. Best herbal weight loss supplements for women offered by Figura capsules are based on certain rare safe herbs e.g. Pashanbhed (Coleus Aromaticus), Haritki (Terminalia Chebula), Jwasa (Alhagi Maurorum) etc.

Some new studies and natural weight loss supplement reviews appraise Coleus Aromaticus, a green perennial shrub that has heart shape structure and the leaves have scalloped edges. It is widely known as aromatic plant having strong flavor used to stuff meat dishes. The component in the leaves is used to cure throat infections and cough. The juice of the plant is used for anti tumor and cytotoxic activities. It is commonly taken to cure flatulence and headaches. Its antioxidants are effective in preventing degradation of food stuff; hence it is used as food additive- preservative. This is naturally occurring preservative that prevents oxidative damage of foods. Since it is widely used as digestive aid, it is recommended in obesity because it can alter appetite. You can also try out anti-obesity pills.

The study on the herbal extract and drinks reveal it can reduce leptin levels with 12 percent juice concentration while the increase after the consumption of the drink that was 24 percent in concentration was able to enhance weight reduction properties as the drink of the herb is able to regulate plasma leptin levels and alter appetite rating. In Ayurveda, it is used as diuretic, known as the best weight loss supplement for women that can alter the electrolyte concentration of urine and increases the total volume of urine. The intake of the herb helps in reducing the deposition of calcium oxalate in body organs, mainly, in the urinary tract.


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